Let My Generosity Flow Like Honey

honeyThe Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing. He lets me rest in grassy meadows; he leads me to restful waters; he keeps me alive. He guides me in proper paths for the sake of his good name. Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no danger because you are with me. Your rod and your staff—they protect me. You set a table for me right in front of my enemies. You bathe my head in oil; my cup is so full it spills over! Yes, goodness and faithful love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the Lord’s house as long as I live (Psalm 23, Common English Bible).

Givers can be divided into three types: the flint, the sponge and the honeycomb. Some givers are like a piece of flint – to get anything out of it you must hammer it, and even then you only get chips and sparks. Other are like a sponge – to get anything out of a sponge you must squeeze it and squeeze it hard, because the more you squeeze a sponge, the more you get. But others are like a honeycomb – which just overflows with its own sweetness. That is how God gives to us, and it is how we should give in turn  – Anonymous.

I would love to meet the person who first shared today’s quote. Generosity, the writer says givers, can be divided into three types. The first is like a piece of flint. Even after hammering all you get is chips and sparks. Perhaps that is the origin of the term skinflint. This is a person who doesn’t give anymore than absolutely necessary. It is all about them and what they have.

The second example giver from the anonymous writer is the sponge. A sponge can hold a lot of fluid. Sometimes some will drip out, but if you want to get the majority from it, you are going to have to do some squeezing. If you want all of it, you better squeeze really, really hard. Some will come easy but all of it? It takes some squeezing.

Then is the last kind, the kind that perhaps the writer of Psalm 23 had in mind when he write, “my cup overflows.” The honeycomb is much like that. As the bees produce more and more honey, the comb starts to overflow. It pours out its sweetness to any who would take it.

At one church I served in the past, we had a bee hive in its bell tower. The bottom of the bell tower served as the church’s entrance. One day we noticed honey dripping down the brick walls. Within a couple of weeks, if you walked through the doors it felt like you were being lightly sprinkled with honey when you walked into the building.

We finally had to call a bee keeper to remove the hive. Beyond the honey shower, some of the bees at the door started to become aggressive. But here is the thing, the bees honey overflowed from them, giving their sweetness.

What a great example for us. We need to be like the bees. No, not the aggressive ones, but to be a people who work hard to not only fill our cup, but to make it overflow so it not only meets our needs, it can meet the needs of people all around. May our generosity flow from us to a hungry world.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Grace and Peace,

Copyright 2016, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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