Pass the…Deviled Eggs

Give thanks in every situation because this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:28, Common English Bible).

This is part 9 in the November Thanksgiving series, “Pass the…” for a listing on the other posts please see the index.

There are a few things I should say here up front. First of all, I can’t ever remember deviled eggs being on my family Thanksgiving table. Second, I am not a fan of eggs. I like eggs fine in things and I will eat the occasional omelet. I will occasionally eat a scrambled or fried egg. Yet I am just not a fan of eggs.

Unless, they are deviled egg. While I may not remember having deviled eggs on my Thanksgiving table, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like having them on the table. Well, the truth is, they wouldn’t stay on the table long because they would end up in my stomach. I love deviled eggs.

The reason I don’t like eggs is, I don’t like egg yokes. If I am going to eat an eggs I want something to help cover-up the taste of the yoke. If it is an omelet, it is the cheese and the meat and maybe some salsa. If the eggs are scrambled it needs cheese or salsa or even ketchup. If it is fried it has to be over easy and it MUST have ketchup (yes, I am one of those people).

The only way I will eat an egg just plain is boiled but the limit is one. But, if you dig the yoke out, mash it up, and add all kinds of good stuff to it, and I’m ready to eat.

Our lesson says, “Give thanks in all circumstances…” Even though I don’t like the yoke of an egg, I am still thankful for it, because, that circumstance makes one of my favorites, deviled eggs possible. Without the egg yoke, a deviled egg isn’t possible. Without the yoke an egg is an egg white and while I don’t mind eating them, they can be pretty bland and it wouldn’t take long before I would be the culinary equivalent of bored stiff.

In life we have the good and the not so good. I know not everyone thinks of egg yokes in the same way I do. Still, there is probably the equivalent in your life. It may not be food but there is probably something.

Or, it may be two things you like, but you like one better than the other. I am a guitar player (I use the term guitar player VERY loosely). I love to play my classical guitars. The fret board is wider. The body is smaller. They use nylon instead of steel strings. I could go on, but I think you probably get the idea. Though I am most thankful for my classical guitars, I am still thankful for my steel strings, if for no other reason than that is where I started.

God gives us so many things. Some of them we will love. Some we will like. Some we may not like at all. Still, give thanks in all circumstances. Even those things we may not like so much, we still need to be thankful. They may just make what we love possible. Without the egg yoke, I can’t have my deviled eggs at Thanksgiving or any other time.

So please, pass the deviled eggs.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Grace and Peace,

 Copyright 2016, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved.

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