Pass the… Green Beans

I urge you to take some food. Your health depends on it. None of you will lose a single hair from his head (Acts 27:34, Common English Bible)

This is part 23 in the November Thanksgiving series, “Pass the…” for a listing on the other posts please see the index.

Yes, on the day before Thanksgiving, I went there! On the day before just about all of us will eat about 5000 calories, I quote a scripture saying, “I urge you to take some food. Your health depends on it.” Also, for many of us, it would hurt us to miss a meal or two. I know I could skip eating tomorrow and I would still be carrying around too many pounds. And, I will certainly make up for it on Thursday.

The thing is, that verse doesn’t say anything about what food we should take. It is just that we should take food because our health depends on it. Well, if our health depends on it, what we eat should be something healthy. For way too many of us, we don’t get enough veggies. If we are going to eat healthy, we really need to be eating something “green.” I put green in quotes because I really don’t think it has to be green. It just needs to be a vegetable.

There is no question that if I was going to just pick out a single vegetable to eat, what that veggie would be and it isn’t green. I love tomatoes but there are enough people in my family who don’t (of me, Cindy and our boys I am the only one who will eat tomatoes, at least raw tomatoes) eat tomatoes.

It isn’t that I don’t like actual green. I do. I eat lettuce of several varieties. I like celery, spinach (at least if it is raw), onions, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and more.

Green beans seems to be a staple at many of our Thanksgiving table because it is a veggie that most everybody will eat (please note, I didn’t say everyone liked it). Some families will prepare them much like the picture above. Others put them into a casserole. I even knew one family would would bread them and then deep fry them. At least to me, that would seem to be defeat the purpose of eating something healthy.

When I see green beans my mind usually goes to “healthy.” Eating healthy is a good idea for any of us. I know that for the next month or so, eating healthy is also easier said than done. And, I am preaching to myself at least as much here as I am to any of you. I am far from the best at eating healthy.

The thing is, God gave us one body. We need to take care of it. When we care for ourselves we are better able to carry out the work God has for us. Without question there are those who, regardless of how well they eat have conditions that still limit them. I think of those with Lupus, diabetes, cancer and so many other things. But, the better we maintain our health, the better off we will be in both the short and long term.

When I see that bowl of green beans sitting on the table my mind goes to thoughts of healthy food. I am thankful for green beans because they do help me to be healthier than I might otherwise be.

Perhaps what I need to do is, eat more green beans (along with tomatoes and all those other veggies I mentioned above) and a less of those things I might enjoy but aren’t as good for me. By eating those green beans, I will be able to better do the work God has for me.

So, if you would, please pass the green beans.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Joy and Peace,

Copyright 2016, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved.

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