Pass Me a Pillow

The Lord is my strength and my shield. My heart trusts him. I was helped, my heart rejoiced, and I thank him with my song (Psalm 28:7, Common English Bible).

This is the 30th and last part of the November Thanksgiving series, “Pass the…” for a listing on the other posts please see the index.

Well, we have finally reached the end of our series. We started out at the beginning of the month and worked our way through an entire Thanksgiving menu (along with a few other non-food items). It has been quite a meal.

It didn’t happen to me this year, perhaps because I really paid attention to the quantity of food I ate, but most Thanksgiving afternoons come complete with nap time. Lots of people would blame it on the tryptophan from eating turkey. My limited on-line research said that it MIGHT be a contributing factor but the real factor is in the size of the meal. I always have gotten sleepy because I have always made a pig out of myself at the Thanksgiving table.*

After a meal like we have eaten over the past month, I would say that big meal is probably in order. So, would someone please pass me a pillow.

Many times, as I lay down, particularly at the end of a day I like to lay in bed, head on my pillow, and reflect on the blessings of the day and on the things where I can (and really should) give thanks. I want to live out my life with a thankful heart. I am pretty sure I have already said this (probably multiple times) over the course of this series. If I didn’t I should have. We need to be people who are not just those who remember to be thankful on the fourth Thursday of November. We need to be thankful every day because we really are blessed people.

Sure, there are times in all our lives where we have difficulty and being thankful can seem difficult. Think about someone who has been sick for a period of time? What is there for which to be thankful Well, we could be thankful for medication that prevents us from being even worse.

What about the person who lives in an abusive situation? We can be thankful for the strength that will not succumb, that will not allow us to stay down.

What about those who have lost a loved one. I am one of those this year having lost my dad just over a month ago. But, I can be thankful that I had 58 years with him. I can be thankful that he lived 85 years and had a good life. I can be thankful that he taught me to be a good man, a man of faith.

The thing is, no matter our situation, there is always, always a reason to be thankful. What I think it boils down to most is, we have to have a thankful heart. A thankful heart will always look for the reason to be thankful, for the glimmer of light that is reason to have hope in even the most difficult times life presents to us.

So, when I lay down with my pillow for that post-meal nap or at the end of the day, I choose to have a thankful heart. I choose to have a heart that will proclaim the goodness and blessings of God each day. I don’t want to be someone who waits for Thanksgiving Day or even the month of November each year to thank God for my blessings. And make no mistake, I am a very blessed man.

So my heart is thankful, and even for that I am thankful. I think I am ready for that pillow. I have come to understand that when I have a thankful heart, I just rest better. So, pass me a pillow. It’s nap time.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Joy and Peace,

Copyright 2016, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved



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