Blessed… Water, Cool, Clear Water

“Those who receive you are also receiving me, and those who receive me are receiving the one who sent me. Those who receive a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward. Those who receive a righteous person as a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward. I assure you that everybody who gives even a cup of cold water to these little ones because they are my disciples will certainly be rewarded” (Matthew 10:40-42, Common English Bible).

In yesterday’s post I talked some about the Lynn Anderson country cross-over song, “Rose Garden.” As I began working on today’s post, another old country song came to my mind. The song is titled, “Cool Water” and its most famous recording was by The Sons of the Pioneers. Here are the lyrics to the song:

All day I’ve faced the barren waste
Without the taste of water, cool water
Old Dan and I with throats burned dry
And souls that cry for water, cool, clear water
Keep a-movin’, Dan, don’t you listen to him, Dan
He’s a devil not a man
And he spreads the burning sand with water
Dan can you see that big green tree
Where the water’s runnin’ free
And it’s waiting there for you and me
The nights are cool and I’m a fool
Each star’s a pool of water, cool water
But with the dawn I’ll wake and yawn
And carry on to water, cool, clear, water
The shadows sway and seem to say
Tonight we pray for water, cool, water
And way up there He’ll hear our prayer
And show us where there’s water, cool, clear, water
Dan’s feet are sore he’s yearning for
Just one thing more than water, cool, water
Like me I guess he’d like to rest
Where there’s no quest for water, cool, clear, water.
While The Sons of the Pioneers did the most popular recording of the song, they were by no means alone. The likes of Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash, Burl Ives, Marty Robbins, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan and more. Though the lyrics are pretty different, I really enjoy the version done by the Muppets. You can see their video by clicking here.
The song is about a man and his mule named Dan walking in the dessert in search of water. Though the song is far more contemporary today than to the crowd around Jesus 2000 years ago, I feel certain they could easily identify with the words. We find several places where Jesus talks about drinking water.
In today’s lesson, Jesus reminds us that to be a servant it doesn’t take some great act. We don’t have to go to some foreign land. It can really be something pretty simple. A little thing like giving someone a cold drink of water can be a huge thing in the life of people around us to meet a physical need.
On a hot summer day, nothing can be as satisfying or taste as good as a cold drink of water. When we have water, we also have something to share with our neighbor. Love of neighbor can also be something as simple as a cold drink of water.
“Cool Water” also reminds us, our souls also crave “water, clear, cool water.” May we be faithful to drink and to share of that “water, clear, cool, water.”
Have a blessed day in the Lord.
Joy, Peace and Thanksgiving,
Copyright 2017, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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