Blessed… When Jesus Calls

Right then, Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go ahead to the other side of the lake while he dismissed the crowds. When he sent them away, he went up onto a mountain by himself to pray. Evening came and he was alone. Meanwhile, the boat, fighting a strong headwind, was being battered by the waves and was already far away from land. Very early in the morning he came to his disciples, walking on the lake.  When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified and said, “It’s a ghost!” They were so frightened they screamed. Just then Jesus spoke to them, “Be encouraged! It’s me. Don’t be afraid.” Peter replied, “Lord, if it’s you, order me to come to you on the water.” And Jesus said, “Come.” Then Peter got out of the boat and was walking on the water toward Jesus. But when Peter saw the strong wind, he became frightened. As he began to sink, he shouted, “Lord, rescue me!” Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him, saying, “You man of weak faith! Why did you begin to have doubts?” When they got into the boat, the wind settled down. Then those in the boat worshiped Jesus and said, “You must be God’s Son!” (Matthew 14:22-33, Common English Bible)

This is one of my favorite stories in all the Bible (that may seem obvious since this is my third day on this story and I plan to spend a couple more). I love the progression of the story from fear to courage to faltering to saving to worship. It seems to me to be a natural progression that many of us follow all wrapped up in one story.

Yesterday we focused on the disciples fear. I love it when Jesus shows up and the disciples are afraid. Jesus shows up and says, “Don’t be afraid.” It is a little too late but Jesus always takes care of the situation.

When Jesus shows up and tries to calm the fears of the disciples, Peter, it would seem, thinks the person out there walking on the water is Jesus but he isn’t quite sure. So he decides on a little test. “Lord, if it’s you, order me to come to you on the water.”

Jesus says come. I can’t help but wonder if Peter might have thought to himself, “Oh my gosh, what have I done. Now he is calling and that means I have to go.” Having been at sea (not in the sea) during a storm, though I am a strong swimmer, I didn’t want to be down on the water in a boat, much less on my own so to speak.

Peter, however, may have been the most impetuous man ever to walk the planet. He also doesn’t appear to scare easily. Regardless of what he may have thought to himself, he shows tremendous faith in Jesus. When Jesus called, Peter got out of the boat! As a result Peter found himself, walking on the water.

My take away from that part of the story is, when Jesus calls, we need to be ready to go.

How do you prepare for when Jesus calls.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Joy and Thankfulness,

Copyright 2017, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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