Blessed… There is Mold Inside!

“How terrible it will be for you legal experts and Pharisees! Hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs. They look beautiful on the outside. But inside they are full of dead bones and all kinds of filth. In the same way, you look righteous to people. But inside you are full of pretense and rebellion” (Matthew 23:27-28, Common English Bible).

They had a beautiful home. When you drove up outside you saw a well-manicured lawn. Someone had taken the time to clean out the gutters. Someone in that house didn’t believe in the saying, “I don’t do windows.” The driveway to didn’t have a spot of oil on. The brick looked like it had been pressure washed within the last week. On top of that, was the paint. When I was in the Navy we all said, only half joking, that you began painting at one end of the ship. When you reached the other end, it was time to start over again. It looked like this homeowner had been in that Navy and now treated his house like we kept the ship.

Every time I went to these folks home, it looked good. When you went inside it looked a great deal like the outside. Everything had a place and everything was in its place. The floors were swept or vacuumed. The furniture was dusted. It was immaculate. It didn’t matter if they knew I was coming or if I just showed up unannounced, This house looked good, inside and out.

One day the homeowner called me. “Pastor, can you swing by the house this afternoon?” I told him I would and within a couple of hours I was there. He was outside when I drove up. We exchanged pleasantries and then he invited me in.

Imagine my shock when I walked in the door and all I could see were the wall studs and pieces of broken sheetrock on the floor. I asked him what was going on. He responded by taking me on a tour of the house and pointing out the black mold in just about every room in the house.

We went back outside and sat down in his lawn chairs. I started to think about the number of times I had been in his home. It always was spotless. It always looked so good. But, while we were sitting there talking in his spotless home, there was something eerie growing inside the walls. The outside looked. Inside the walls, not so much. Even that day, Things on the outside looked really good but inside the house, not so much.

In today’s lesson, Jesus was telling the Pharisees and legal experts they were a lot like that house. They looked good on the outside but they were pretty filthy on the inside. They looked righteous but their hearts were anything but.

The same thing can apply to you and me. We can go to church. We can read our Bibles. We can look like we know and do all the right things. But inside, are our hearts pure? Do we live the part like we look the part?

How do you live the part?

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Joy and Thanksgiving<

Copyright 2017, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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