Blessed… Bad Stuff is Going to Happen

“When you see the disgusting and destructive thing that Daniel talked about standing in the holy place (the reader should understand this), then those in Judea must escape to the mountains. Those on the roof shouldn’t come down to grab things from their houses. Those in the field shouldn’t come back to grab their clothes. How terrible it will be at that time for women who are pregnant and for women who are nursing their children. Pray that it doesn’t happen in winter or on the Sabbath day. There will be great suffering such as the world has never before seen and will never again see. If that time weren’t shortened, nobody would be rescued. But for the sake of the ones whom God chose, that time will be cut short. “Then if somebody says to you, ‘Look, here’s the Christ,’ or ‘He’s over here,’ don’t believe it. False christs and false prophets will appear, and they will offer great signs and wonders in order to deceive, if possible, even those whom God has chosen. Look, I’ve told you ahead of time. So if they say to you, ‘Look, he’s in the desert,’ don’t go out. And if they say, ‘Look, he’s in the rooms deep inside the house,’ don’t believe it. Just as the lightning flashes from the east to the west, so it will be with the coming of the Human One. The vultures gather wherever there’s a dead body (Matthew 24:15-28, Common English Bible).

Are these things signs of the end? Matthew credits Jesus for having said it. I have no reason not to believe it. But, people have been believing these words in every age since the crucifixion. There have always been “disgusting and destructive things.” Why should things be different in our time? There has always been great suffering in the world. Do we really think that at a time in history when there are more people populating the planet than at any other time, things would be different for us? There have always been people who are and were “false christs (or messiahs) and false prophets.” That there are heretics leading people down wrong paths should be no surprise to any of us.

In every age, there have been people who pointed events in their time and place, then pointed at these verses and used them as a way to justify predictions of the end of time on earth. They obviously were wrong.

I have long felt like the end will come to this planet because of the destruction of creation given to the human creature by God. God gave us stewardship over these things and we are destroying them. They have led to bad things happening in the world and they will continue to happen. Destructive and disgusting things happen to our world. False prophets say nothing is wrong and it is only hype. Yes, bad things come.

But, for whatever the reason, God loves us anyway. The fact that we destroy that which God made and yet we have the promise and hope of eternity with God points to grace that can only come from the One who gives us light, life, love, and hope.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Joy and Thankfulness,

Copyright 2017, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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