Blessed… With the Best of Intentions

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Tonight you will all fall away because of me. This is because it is written, I will hit the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will go off in all directions.  But after I’m raised up, I’ll go before you to Galilee.” Peter replied, “If everyone else stumbles because of you, I’ll never stumble.” Jesus said to him, “I assure you that, before the rooster crows tonight, you will deny me three times.” Peter said, “Even if I must die alongside you, I won’t deny you.” All the disciples said the same thing (Matthew 26:31-35, Common English Bible).

Peter had good intentions. All the disciples had good intentions. Jesus told them that they would all fall away. Peter, as Peter always seemed to do, speaks up, saying, “No, not me.” H

Jesus told them that they would all fall away. Peter, as Peter always seemed to do, speaks up, saying, “No, not me.” He had the best of intentions. He truly believed he would never fall away from Jesus.

I feel pretty certain that, while Peter was not speaking for the group, they all had similar sentiments. Who among them, with the exception of Judas would ever want to fall away?

What the disciples in general and Peter in particular truly believed they could stand by Jesus no matter what. And, that sounds really good. But, what Peter and the others were to learn that night is, you can have the best of intentions, but when things get difficult it is easy to lose focus. It is easy to say and do things that might not be said or done otherwise.

The same thing is true for us. Our boss isn’t a believer or at least isn’t real faithful, and wants us to do something that falls outside the boundaries of Christian ethics. We think our job might be on the line so we do that which we know is wrong. Our intentions may have been good but our follow through, our ability to live the lifestyle of Christian morals and ethics is not where it should be. When we do that we know is wrong, we deny Jesus.

If any of us were to ask another Christian, “would you deny Jesus?” Of course, our answer would be “No.” What is more, we mean what we said. But when push comes to shove, we fall short. Perhaps we are afraid. Perhaps we outthink ourselves. Perhaps we lose face with subordinates, peers, and Supervisors. Perhaps we “backslide” and fall into old habits. Whatever it might be, we had really good intentions and then we saw ourselves falling away.

So, what are we to do? We are to remain vigilant.  Beyond that, we must realize we are not alone in all this. We have faithful brothers and sisters who stand with us through times of difficulty. We also have prayer where we speak to God and enlist God’s help in these situations in order that we might maintain our focus and not fall away.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Joy and Thankfulness,

Copyright 2017, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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