What Am I Grateful For Today… City Workers

Love should be shown without pretending. Hate evil, and hold on to what is good. 10 Love each other like the members of your family. Be the best at showing honor to each other. 11 Don’t hesitate to be enthusiastic—be on fire in the Spirit as you serve the Lord! 12 Be happy in your hope, stand your ground when you’re in trouble, and devote yourselves to prayer. 13 Contribute to the needs of God’s people, and welcome strangers into your home (Romans 12:9-13, Common English Bible).

Late yesterday morning I had a situation happen at the church I had not encountered before. About 11:30 a city worker came into the church to tell me we had a water leak somewhere. He said the meter was spinning. He said I had a choice, I could sign a paper or allow them to turn the water off. I had to make a quick decision. I didn’t have time to consult with anyone. I decided to sign.

What happened next really surprised me. There were actually two city workers were present. We and I do mean we, started looking around the building in question trying to find a running toilet or a faucet left on. After looking at the two buildings in question, and finding nothing inside, we turned our focus outside. We found one outside faucet on and one dripping pretty badly. We got them turned off but the meter, while slower, was still spinning.

I did sign the paper to keep the water on. I then called the chair of the Board of Trustees. He told me what I did was the right decision. He took over from there.

The reason I am grateful for city workers in general and these two gentlemen, in particular, is, like many jobs, being a city worker is really pretty thankless and doesn’t pay that well to boot. About the only time we see or talk to these folks is when something is wrong. These two guys not only did their job, they took the time and went out of the way to help. They could have just turned the water off and not given us a choice in the matter. But, when he saw my concern about turning off the water, he helped me look for the place where we were losing water. We found some but at last report, we were still losing water somewhere.

Think of our police officers. They risk their lives to keep us safe. Or, what about firefighters or EMS workers? Theirs is also a dangerous job. Further, in many communities around the country, these folks aren’t city employees or employees of contractors of the city, they are volunteers. I don’t know the statistics but it wouldn’t surprise me any if the number of volunteer fire departments exceeds the number of paid fire departments.

I haven’t even gone to city hall, street maintenance, sanitation workers, sewer plant workers (talk about a thankless job), and more. I can’t think of all the positions workers hold in even small cities.

Paul says, “Love should be shown without pretending.” They have to do these jobs for some reason. I think for most, the reason is, they want to serve. They want to make a difference in their communities because they love their communities without pretending.

That is what I am grateful for today. What about you? What are you grateful for today. Write it in your journal and then go out and share it with someone. Hopefully it will make them smile.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

With Joy and Thankfulness,

Copyright 2017, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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