What Am I Grateful for Today… Music

96 Sing to the Lord a new song!
    Sing to the Lord, all the earth!
Sing to the Lord! Bless his name!
    Share the news of his saving work every single day!
Declare God’s glory among the nations;
    declare his wondrous works among all people
    because the Lord is great and so worthy of praise.
He is awesome beyond all other gods
    because all the gods of the nations are just idols,
        but it is the Lord who created heaven!
Greatness and grandeur are in front of him;
    strength and beauty are in his sanctuary (Psalm 96:1-6, Common English Bible).

I love music. I always have. Once upon a time in my life, for about six years I played the trumpet. During that time I also learned to play bugle, baritone, valve trombone and French horn. I also sang in the youth choir at church. And, to quote my father, “I played a mean radio.” That one I still play.

Today things are different. I still love music, but I don’t play the same instruments. Instead of trumpet, today I play the guitar. I am pretty sure I was a better trumpet player back in the day, than I am a guitar player. All I do on guitar is strum chords.

One of the most fun things I do is singing bass with the Coastalaires. The Coastalaires are a barbershop chorus. There are about 30 of us. The whole reason this particular thing I am grateful for came up is, tonight is “Opening Night,” for the Coastalaires annual Christmas show. I am excited about it. I already know I will also be ready for it to be over Sunday afternoon.

The last way I enjoy music is in writing. I don’t do a whole lot of writing, but I do some. I have written lyrics for six songs that are sung to tunes of better known songs. I have also written words and music to two more.

For me, music is, at different times, a diversion from the work I do and an offering to God. The Bible says to “Make a joyful noise to the Lord… (Psalm 100:1, KJV). For me, the optimum word there is probably noise. Like I said, I’m not very good, but I love playing.

Both at rehearsals and in our shows, The Coastalaires always finish with the same song. The title of the song is, “Keep the Whole World Singing.” Here are the lyrics”

Keep the whole world singing, all day long.
Watch goodwill come a winging, on a song.
Smile the while you are singing.
Oh carry, carry, carry your part.
Keep the melody ringing and ringing,
In your heart.

I love this song because it addresses something that would make for a better world. I truly believe, if we could get more of the world singing and/or playing together, the music really would make a difference and our world just might look very different from what we see today.

Music is what I am grateful for today. What about you? What are you grateful for today. Write it down in your journal and then share it with someone else. Like the music, it just might make a difference.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

With Joy and Thankfulness,

Copyright 2017, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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