I Am Concerned

Today’s Journey Through the Bible Readings
Leviticus 1-3; Matthew 24:1-28


32 “Learn this parable from the fig tree. After its branch becomes tender and it sprouts new leaves, you know that summer is near. 33 In the same way, when you see all these things, you know that the Human One is near, at the door. 34 I assure you that this generation won’t pass away until all these things happen. 35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will certainly not pass away (Matthew 24:32-35, Common English Bible).

I am concerned. I have memories as a kid with the Boy Scouts going along Highway 90 in Southwest Houston picking up litter. I am concerned. When in the Navy I remember seeing a film from petroleum products across miles of ocean. I am concerned. When it is clear the polar ice caps are melting and endangered polar bears are drowning because they can’t climb out of the water onto the ice. I am concerned. I am concerned about the cloud of air pollution that regularly sits over the City of Houston.

Yes, I am concerned. I am concerned about all these things and more. I fail to understand how, when we see all these things happening, we can say there are no problems in our environment. I am concerned that we seem to become the proverbial ostrich with our heads in the sand. Still, these are not my greatest concern.

Verse 35 of our lesson from Matthew there are two things that are clear. We have them in Jesus’ words. First, this world will pass away. Will it be those things I mentioned concern me that bring the end to this world? God didn’t put me in charge of that department. Jesus clearly says no one knows when but I think the circumstances could be included with that. And, I think we have a responsibility to be stewards of the planet, including the environment. Could God hold us responsible for our lack of leadership? I don’t think I want to find out. We might want to rethink our poor stewardship of God’s creation.

But, these environmental issues are not what concerns me most. Actually, it is in the last half of verse 35. Jesus says, “But my words certainly will not pass away.” You might ask, “Keith, why does this concern you? It sounds like a good thing, God’s word will not pass away.” Well, that God’s word will not pass away also would mean it isn’t going away. Friends, we don’t do so well in sharing that word in the world around us. We, who are charged with making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, don’t act like we have responsibility at all.

But, we are all still here. That means heaven and earth have not yet passed away. We believers still have time to share Jesus’ words with the world. That my friends is a really good thing.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

With Joy and Thankfulness,

Copyright 2018, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved


One thought on “I Am Concerned

  1. Gayla

    How timely for me. Yesterday my daughter in law and I were conversing about sharing God’s word. She stated how amazed she is with her 8 yr old son Wade. He doesn’t hesitate to ask his friends and new kids he meets, if they have asked Jesus into their hearts. Such a babe to think of others salvation.

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