Unseen Peace

Today’s Journey Through Scripture Readings: Job 38-40; Acts 16:22-40


35 The next morning the legal authorities sent the police to the jailer with the order “Release those people.”

36 So the jailer reported this to Paul, informing him, “The authorities sent word that you both are to be released. You can leave now. Go in peace.”

37 Paul told the police, “Even though we are Roman citizens, they beat us publicly without first finding us guilty of a crime, and they threw us into prison. And now they want to send us away secretly? No way! They themselves will have to come and escort us out.” 38 The police reported this to the legal authorities, who were alarmed to learn that Paul and Silas were Roman citizens. 39 They came and consoled Paul and Silas, escorting them out of prison and begging them to leave the city.

40 Paul and Silas left the prison and made their way to Lydia’s house where they encouraged the brothers and sisters. Then they left Philippi. (Acts 16:35-40, Common English Bible).

Unseen Peace
Based on Acts 16

Light of day, or nighttime clear,
Beaten in jail, living in fear.
Songs of praise, prayers of hope,
Wait for God, through Him I cope.

Praise by Silas, prayer by Paul,
Sharing faith, giving grace to all.
The earth shakes, the jail locks break,
free they are, to stay a mistake?

Guard would die, but not today,
Life to God,  now live the Way.
Home alive, their hearts astir
faith had come, follow the Master.

“Go in peace,” the guards did say,
peace unseen by light of day.
God at work in hearts of men,
Grace alive, forgive their sin.

On their way, work they must do,
tell this tale, to see it through.
World of peace, not on this day,
Heart at peace, by faith to stay.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

With Joy and Thankfulness,

Copyright 2018, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved



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