Hello Little Girl

Sydney Jayne Broyles

Since Monday, when Sydney was flown from Tyler to Dallas and has been in the hospital there, I have had a few lines of a poem/song floating in my head. Tonight I decided I needed to get it written down. The title is “Hello Little Girl. I started out planning to use the tune of the 1964 Jim Reeves song, “Welcome to My World.” While there are a few measures that are similar, the song now has its own tune as well. I hope you enjoy. I also got to thinking, I probably need to write poems/songs for the other five grand-kids too. I need to work on that…. lol.

[Verse 1]

Hello little girl,
We open our hearts,
For God’s love in you,
Hello little girl.


We’re all filled with Joy,
A blessing we see,
A miracle you are,
Little girl we love you.

[Verse 2]

We thank God for you,
As we see your face,
You fill us with love,
Hello little girl.

[Verse 3]

You take our breath away,
We know God’s at work,
You’re a special child,
Hello little girl.

[Verse 1 – Repeat]

Hello little girl,
We open our hearts,
For God’s love in you,
Hello little girl.

Copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Hello Little Girl

    1. I’m working on it. I had to write two more because those other two little girls are going to want theirs too. I have Jenna’s done and because it isn’t an original tune I can play it fairly well now. Natalie’s is giving me trouble in a couple of places with the rhyme schemes. Oh, and I think you meant “sing” and not “sign.” The signing isn’t going to happen. First, I don’t know much about signing and second, it is impossible for one person to sign and play the guitar (lol). Your little typo reminds me of a similar one I made several times early in my ministry. I would intend to type United as in United Methodist Church and would end up flipping the i and t and would end up with Untied Methodist Church. While funny at the time, with all that is going on the the UMC right now, it seems to also be pretty prophetic.


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