The Girl with Pretty Red Hair

Cindy with Jenna on the day I baptized Jenna

To the extent I have them, I thought I would use Saturdays to post the song lyrics I write. I actually started last week with “Hello Little Girl” that I wrote for that sweet new granddaughter Cindy and I have. By the way, since I have added music to it, there have been some changes in those lyrics since I finished them a week ago.

I have worked on songs for Jenna and Natalie this past week. I will post them at some point in the future as they are not yet finished.

Today’s song is one I wrote almost three years ago for the anniversary of Cindy putting up with me for 40 years. I don’t think I posted it back then but even if I did, when I pulled out out in the last couple of weeks to submit to a site where I can have it dated and a bit better protected, I had forgotten a good bit of it. Plus, with Valentine’s Day coming, I thought I should blow the dust off it. This is one of the few songs I have that both the lyrics and the music (not shown here) are both original.

The picture is of Cindy with our oldest granddaughter Jenna, when Jenna was the only granddaughter. The title of the song is, “The Girl with Pretty Red Hair,” and I guess the title at least fits Jenna too. Morgan’s latest post about Sydney indicates that Sydney just may be a girl with pretty red hair too. Natalie doesn’t have red hair but it is still pretty and so is she. Hey, I am Gramps, what do you expect me to say? Besides that, I’m right!!!

The Girl with Pretty Red Hair

I first saw you, we never spoke.
The girl had class, I was a joke.
I didn’t see, I didn’t care,
About the girl, with pretty red hair.

Opened my eyes, took a fresh look,
I saw you there, with opened book,
Saw what I’d missed, I Saw your flair,
Flair from the girl, with pretty red hair.

Back then most folks, gave us no chance,
But with each year, our love enhanced,
We’ve had great fun, and love we share,
Me and the girl, with pretty red hair.

I look at you, Lord I can see,
Each day you give, your love to me,
Today with me, we’re quite the pair,
Me and the girl, with pretty red hair,

I do look back, I look ahead,
Approaching days, I have no dread,
You touched my heart, blessings we share,
Me and the girl, with pretty red hair.

Me and the girl, with pretty red hair.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Seeking the Genuine,

Copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights, Reserved


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