So From the Showers We Flee

And we have reached Saturday once again. I am sending you another of my song lyrics or poems. I hope you enjoy it.

Several years ago, early in my ministry I was in a used book store and bought a book I have long sense forgotten. When I got home with the book I did what I usually do with books I buy, at least for a while, it went on the shelf. When my next trip came along, I pulled the book out to take with me. Sometime between the shelf and my briefcase a piece of paper fell out. I picked it up and it was a newspaper clipping. It had about 10 hymn quotes, but they weren’t too much about the lyrics. I have no idea where the book went. I probably gave it away to another new preacher starting out. I have even less of an idea what happened to the newspaper clipping. I guess it got lost in one of my moves in the past.

Anyway, not wanting to forget any more than I already have, I decided to write some song lyrics for the hymn lines I can remember. These are intended to be funny but also get a little more serious at the end. I hope you enjoy.

In honor of all the rain we have had in East Texas in the recent past (when I walk the dog I sink in the mud), “We sing, ‘There Shall be Showers of Blessing’ and then won’t go to church in the rain.” Obviously, the tune for this song is, “There Shall Be Showers of Blessing.”

[Verse 1]
There shall be showers of blessing
From God a promise we gain,
We hear the blessings on roof-tops
It sounds a whole lot like rain;

[Chorus 1]
Showers of blessing,
Blessings God knows that we need
We think we’ll melt just like sugar,.
So, from the showers we flee.

[Verse 2]
There shall be showers of blessing,
Today rain will keep me in bed.
More sleep I’ll find it relaxing,
Skip church, read a novel instead…

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3]
There shall be showers of blessing,
Raincoats may keep our clothes dry.
Wet is my head as the rain falls,
Lost that umbrella of mine…

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 4]
There shall be showers of blessing,
I pray the waters soon peak.
Blessings on blessings around me,
Rain hasn’t stopped here all week…

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 5]
There shall be showers of blessing,
The dog tries to shake his fur dry.
He raised his head to the heavens,
Barks at the rain in the sky…

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 6]
There shall be showers of blessing,
Today I stayed home on a lark.
Blessings are gone its just water,
I think I will build me an ark…

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 7]
There shall be showers of blessing,
Thunder won’t run me away.
We need some rain for a harvest.
Thank God I’m in Church today…

[Chorus 2]
Showers of blessing,
Rain will not keep us away.
We will not melt we’re not sugar.
Through showers we’ll worship today.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

In Search of the genuine,


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