Feelings of Insignificance (Psalm 8)

French lighthouse of la Jument taken from a helicopter during a 2007 storm by Jean Guichard

Psalm 8

For the music leader. According to the Gittith. A psalm of David.

8 Lord, our Lord, how majestic
    is your name throughout the earth!
    You made your glory higher than heaven!
From the mouths of nursing babies
    you have laid a strong foundation
    because of your foes,
    in order to stop vengeful enemies.
When I look up at your skies,
    at what your fingers made—
    the moon and the stars
    that you set firmly in place—
        what are human beings
            that you think about them;
        what are human beings
            that you pay attention to them?
You’ve made them only slightly less than divine,
    crowning them with glory and grandeur.
You’ve let them rule over your handiwork,
    putting everything under their feet—
        all sheep and all cattle,
        the wild animals too,
        the birds in the sky,
        the fish of the ocean,
        everything that travels the pathways of the sea.
Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name throughout the earth! (Psalm 8:1-9, Common English Bible.

From the signal bridge (since the Navy doesn’t have the signalman rate (MOS) any longer, I have no idea what they call what we called the signal bridge) on a clear day, you can see 12 miles to the horizon. That is a lot of water. If you have been on a cruise you have a pretty good idea of the experience. To stand on that ship, which standing on a pier and looking up at it seems so large and you out at see it seems so small. Throw some 40 foot waves into the equation and you can’t help but realize how small you are. It brings feelings of insignificance.

I know I have said it before, actually just a few days ago, when you stand on the bridge at night and look at the night sky, I am not if you could see more stars at any place on the planet. There are so many stars. Without the pollution and the light pollution that clouds our atmosphere you can see so many stars. Even if you have gone on a cruise in the Caribbean or some where else, because they light those ships so bright, I am pretty sure you would not see as many stars. I think if you were somewhere out in the desert southwest you would probably have a pretty good idea.

Then think of the man standing in the lighthouse door in the picture above. The lighthouse, a structure built with human hands makes the lighthouse keeper seem like a small man. I have no idea if he is or not. The waves crashing into lighthouse of la Jument add the the idea of insignificance.

Think also about the vastness of God’s creation. I drive by ranches from time to time here in East Texas. To look across a pasture and see the horses and cattle, and thinking, “That is one pasture and the animals of one rancher.

Think of all the unwanted dogs and cats that wander our streets let alone those who are in shelters and then add on top of both the pets who have homes and are cared for.

Think of every tree in a single forest. Think about the wildflowers that grow in so many places around us.

The list is really endless. To think of all God did in creation. Then when God created the human creature with so much God given power and ability. I can’t help bu think, perhaps those feelings of insignificance are there to keep us from thinking we are bigger, more important, more powerful, than we actually are.

The psalmist had a pretty good idea about those feelings of insignificance too. Read these words of the psalmist again, “When I look up at your skies,
at what your fingers made—the moon and the stars that you set firmly in place—what are human beings that you think about them; what are human beings that you pay attention to them? You’ve made them only slightly less than divine, crowning them with glory and grandeur. You’ve let them rule over your handiwork, putting everything under their feet…”

With all God’s power, and though we abuse the faith God put in us to care for God’s creation, God has let us rule over the Divine handiwork and put everything under our feet. We may sometimes think we are insignificant but God does not. God continues to allow us to maintain our stewardship of God’s handiwork. But, more significant than that, through God’s omnipresence, through God’s power, God walks with us every day. God is always present in our lives.

Friend, if it were not for what God does for us, we really would be insignificant. But, because God walks with us. God gives us power and dominion.

You and I do have significance but it isn’t because of us. It is all about what God does for us. We are significance in spite of the ways we fail to live out God’s call on our lives. In spite of anything and everything we gave done, God looks on us and pushes us in the direction God would have us go.

Friend, never, ever forget, YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT!!! It isn’t because of you (or me), but rather in spite of you (and me). God loves you (us) and that makes all of us significant.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Seeking the genuine,

Copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved
Permission is give to use this material for non-commercial purposes.


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