I Love to Hear it in My Ears

Hello Saturday! I love Saturday morning. It would be better if the TV networks would have left Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner alone. But times change

Last week I told you I was going to start sharing the lyrics and if there is a story behind the lyrics I wrote. I see it as a different way to share my music.

Several years ago, by complete accident, I found a news paper clipping. On it were ten songs and then something closer to us today but done in a way to bring humor. They are things like today’s song, “We sing ‘O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing,’ but we won’t praise God with the one we have.”

I took the quote, one of the four from the clipping I can remember, and because I don’t want to lose it and the quotes be gone forever, I put them into song lyrics.

“O For a Thousand Tongues” to sing is one of Methodism’s favorite hymns. In many Methodist hymnals, it us the first song. It follows some 50 pages of litanies for Holy Communion and is selection 54.

I love to hear it in my ears,
The music on my phone,
There’s country and some rock and roll
But hymns are dry old bones.

There is just noise as I walk and sing
The birds their fears arise
joyful noise I do not make
Birds fly the friendly skies.

Praises from me God does not hear
My earbuds plugged in tight
Don’t bother me its concert time
Willie’s on my phone tonight.

Jesus I spend some time with him,
Each weekend I’m at church,
The preacher prays, the choir sings
From my phone a music search.

O for a thousand tongues to sing,
Was a hymn we sang today,
If Wesley saw how I don’t sing
He would point to feet of clay.

I am not deaf, nor am I blind,
But I can act real dumb.
To fail to share His love to all
Without Him joy won’t come.

That this tongue His praise might ring
From a broken soul like mine,
I need to say I love Him still,
Faith in Him must be my prime.

O For a thousand tongues to sing
Let mine his grace proclaim
I’ll sing and shout that people know
Let’s all work to fan the flame.

Tomorrow, make sure you attend worship and that you sing praises to God. That is part of who we are.

In Search of the Genuine,

copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved
Permission to copy is granted for non-commercial use.


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