Short Bios: Stephen the Younger

After I had written the poem from this morning’s post I went out on Google as I usually do, looking for a picture to go along with the that particular post. I typed in, “Don’t Stumble or Fall” minus the quotation marks. The first picture coming back said, “Don’t stumble over something behind you.” Under it, as we often see on Facebook memes giving credit for the line, it said, “Stephen the Younger.” The history geek in me came out. I didn’t know who he was, so I had to learn. Here is what I found.

Saint Stephen the Younger circa 713/715 to circa 764/765) was a monk who came from Constantinople (modern day Istanbul). He was an steadfast opponent of the policies of Emperor Constantine concerning the use of icons. Because of his vocal and public oppostion to the emperor’s policies, Constantine executed Stephen in either 764 or 765 the records are not clear on an exact date.. The Church considers Stephen both a martyr and a saint.

Because of Stephen’s strong defense for the use of images in the Church, artists often have him holding an icon. The icon (above a cross) alludes to his place in the Church and his defense of icons by the Church.

Have a great evening.

Seeking the Genuine,

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