The Will of God

Last week I wrote three sermons. The first was the sermon I was going to preach before we were asked not to do in person worship. The second was harder hitting. It was about something I knew would come, it was just a matter of time. At least as far as I have heard, I haven’t heard anyone say “Corona Virus is God’s vengeance on humanity because of _____________.” I haven’t heard those words, yet. Its coming and I have little doubt it will be soon. I pray I am wrong but know I am right.

What I have heard is, “Covit-19 is the will of God. I don’t buy it. Does God have the power to do this? Absolutely. Does God do this? I think its safe to say that in the Old Testament there are stories that show God’s vengeance in just such a way. The story Passover would be just one example.

I have heard people saying to paint around you door frame, everything I have seen is a wide variety of products to paint around your door and if you do that God will pass over your house. I’m sorry but I don’t buy it. First of all, there was a lot more that went into Passover than painting the door post. I have seen lot of things suggested to paint your doorway. The one thing I have not seen is the thing God instructed the Israelites to use, the blood of a lamb. If we are going back to these Old Testament stories, should we not get it right.

Do we find this story played out again? No, not in Scripture. It is talked about again. While I would agree that the story is important to Jews, then and now. But, as Christians, Jesus is the sacrifice that makes all the difference. We do not have to give animal sacrifice because of the Cross.

The Will of God is probably the best theology book I have ever read. There are several reasons why. It is short. The author makes his points and ends the book. It is written where real people, with a real vocabulary can understand it. The points are thought out. Even if you do not agree with the author, his simple and straight forward presentation will help make or break your arguments.

The Reverend Dr. Leslie Weatherhead was a mid-century British Theologian. He was a controversial figure and with the exception of this book, I disagree with much he has to say. Fortunately, I read this book before I read his other words. Had I read something else first, I may have never read The Will of God.

I would challenge you to get a copy of this book and read it. Once you have done so, sit and think and pray about what you understand to be, “The Will of God.”

May God bless you in the week to come.

Seeking the Genuine,

copyright 2020, J Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved


The Will of God

2 thoughts on “The Will of God

  1. Gayle

    Thank you for the “Will of God” message. I will try to get the book ASAP. It was so good to see Cindy last week even though it was at the pharmacy.

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