Gotta Play for My Brain

Psalm 150

150 Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary! Praise God in his fortress, the sky! Praise God in his mighty acts! Praise God as suits his incredible greatness! Praise God with the blast of the ram’s horn! Praise God with lute and lyre! Praise God with drum and dance! Praise God with strings and pipe! Praise God with loud cymbals! Praise God with clashing cymbals! Let every living thing praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! (Psalm 150:1-6)

It is no secret, I love playing the guitar. Though almost all I play and write is Christian in nature, my guitar, at least in some ways, it is my diversion from my work as a pastor. I love my work. It is not easy work. I never expected that it would be. For most of us, our jobs are hard and we need a diversion, something that at least gives our minds a change of pace. For me, that is my guitars, and a few other things.

I read an article earlier from Inc. magazine written by John Rampton. Rampton talks about how playing a musical instrument does things like relieve stress. Rampton argues that playing a musical instrument actually increases gray matter. These benefits seem to benefit most the younger one starts but these benefits are beneficial for anyone. I never knew I was growing my brain when I picked up one of my guitars.

Here are some of the ways Rampton says playing a musical instrument does for your brain:

  • Strengthens bonds with others.
  • Strengthens memory and reading skills.
  • Playing music makes you happy.
  • Musicians can process multiple things at once.
  • Music increases blood flow in your brain.
  • Music helps the brain recover.
  • Music reduces stress and depression.
  • Musical training strengthens the brain’s executive function.

When I read Scriptures like Psalm 150 tells me God loves music at least as much as most of us. Rampton says in the article that these things become evident when looking at brain scans. So God gave us a way to increase our mental abilities and at the same time bring God joy.

I am not about to say my guitar playing has really increased my cognitive abilities but I know I am created in the image and likeness of God. God, at least it seems to me, loves music and so do I. Even if my gray matter doesn’t grow at all, I will find enjoyment from my music. It is even more of a blessing to know, what I do might bring a bit of joy to my God and King.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Seeking the Genuine,

Copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved
Permission given for the noncommercial use of this post.


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