The Lonely Astronaut

Astronaut Scott Kelly’s Feet Aboard International Space Station

Most of us are starting to get a feel for what boredom feels like over the last couple of weeks. Sure, we have been locked inside the house before. At least for us, in Texas, it usually isn’t more than a day or two. Yes, it is boring but that is short term. What we experience now, is a longer term and it continues to get longer and more places are closing or restricting access.

In a lot of school districts, students have started going back to class Monday. Under normal circumstances that might be enough to break the kid’s cabin fever but these aren’t normal circumstances. Yes, they are going back to their studies but they still aren’t leaving the cabin and it is difficult to break cabin fever without leaving the cabin.

If anyone has a better idea of what our bored circumstances it would likely be an astronaut. Now retired astronaut, Scott Kelly wrote an opinion piece for The New York Times that he gave some ideas that helped him while aboard a place where you can’t go outside and play.

Here is a list of tips he thought might help. When I read them I agreed (even though I have never been an astronaut). Here are Scott Kelly’s tips.

  • Keep a schedule – He says he was always scheduled from when he woke up to when he went to bed. Include in the schedule bed time.
  • Pace Yourself – If you are not careful, everything can fall into the grind
  • Go Outside – He said the thing he missed most was going outside. He was craving nature. He worked on experimental flowers and that was the thing that came to be really important. He could go outside. Most of us can, we just need to do it.
  • You need a hobby – didn’t someone talk about that last week?
  • Keep a journal – Not necessarily the daily activities, that could get boring when you do the same thing over and over again. Instead, Kelly says to document experiences through the senses or write about memories.
  • Take time to connect – Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with family and friends (while maintaining good social distancing)
  • Listen to Experts – Don’t get guidance from social media
  • We are all connected – what we share is much more important tha what keeps us apart.

Well, do you have anything to add to the list?

Have a blessed day in the Lord,

Seeking the Genuine,

copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All rights reserved
Permission given for the non-commercial use of this material


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