Your righteousness is like the strongest mountains;
    your justice is like the deepest sea.
        Lord, you save both humans and animals (Psalm 36:6, Common English Bible).

It seems like all I do since the quarantine started is sit with my computer in my lap getting something ready, a blog post, a sermon (I still haven’t started on), Children’s Faith Corner, Devo Live, email , did I mention I still need to work on my sermon, oh yeah, I guess I did.

I need a diversion. Something that will take my mind off the other things, perhaps give me a chuckle. Meet Bishop. Bishop is a dog pound dog. We think he may have some Italian Greyhound or Whippet in him. With the long legs and barreled chest, he is definitely a dog built for running and run he does. This dog loves to run.

In our condo Bishop will sprint across a diagonal path from the home study across the living room into the dining room to under the dining room table, stop on a dime, reverse course and do it again. This can go on for several minutes. It works for him because all those rooms are carpeted.

On occasion I will get him to run across the kitchen floor. It is tile and you can hear his nails run across the floor trying to gain some kind of traction that just isn’t there.

At my mom’s house, there is no carpet at all. But when Bishop woke up this morning, he was full of energy and started to run. With the floor plan of the house Bishop can run a lap from the living room into the formal dining room, then to the kitchen followed by the breakfast nook, and back into the living room. While there is no carpet in the house there is a large area rug in the living room. Traction was in short supply but he tried his best to run. The result was pretty funny.

Bishop is not a dog who will give you kisses. I have never had a dog before that didn’t want to lick people. Bishop never has. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t affectionate. He is. He likes to cuddle and get his face close to yours and then rub his head into your neck.

He also likes to sleep on the foot of my recliner. He will jump up on the chair, push his way between my legs, curl up and go to sleep. When he wakes up he is ready to run again.

Bishop Dude (as we call him) is truly a blessing from God. He has provided a lot of joy and comfort. When I was sick back at Christmas, Bishop was with me almost all the time. He stayed in my chair with me. He was doing his best to take care of me. He really didn’t “help” at all but he sure brought some joy.

I needed a diversion this morning. Bishop provided me that. And, God provided me with Bishop. I am so thankful for my little dog and the joy and distractions he provides to Cindy and me.

Christian comedian and singer, Mark Lowry came out on stage wearing a T-shirt saying, “Dogs Go to Heaven – Psalm 36:6.” Ever since I was a kid I have hoped that to be the case. While it may be taken out of context, Lowry uses Psalm 36:6 to give those of us with pets hope we will see them again.

Mark Lowry at the Dove Awards

While I was trying to find exactly what Mark’s t-shirt said, I ran across an article that was talking about quarantined pets and the way the help us.

“…pets are providing comfort and relief to desperate people. For ages, cats, dogs, and the occasional rabbit have been beloved companions. But in an unprecedented moment like this one, they’ve become, essentially, emotional first responders.” Does that mean I have to pay Bishop? How much is my co-pay?

I guess I need to bring this to a close as Bishop is standing by my chair waiting to jump into my lap. It won’t be long before he is up here, paws in the middle of the keyboard. Then work will be impossible.

Have a blessed day.

Seeking the genuine,

copyright 2020, J Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved
Permission given for non-commercial use of this post

Oh, and just so you know, before anyone asks if the Bishop knows I named my dog after him, the answer is no. It is no because Bishop is not named after the Bishop. He had the name when we got him from the pound. I thought it the perfect name for a Methodist preacher’s dog so I left it just as the pound had named him.


Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/pets-animals/people-are-adopting-pandemic-pets-during-coronavirus-and-its-restoring-our-faith-in-humanity/ar-BB11B2Rw?ocid=spartanntp
Southern Gospel News Magazine

One thought on “Diversions

  1. Christine Miller

    Hi Kieth,

    “Meeting” Bishop was just exactly what I needed on my short break from teaching online. He sounds like an absolute love and a true gift from God. I adore the story about his name, and hope to see my dogs in Heaven, too. We have that Mark Lowery clip in a recording on the DVR that we just cannot delete because it brings laughter and a little comfort, too. The best “theological advice” I ever got about dogs and Heaven comes from my sweet friend Brenda. She says that if I NEED my dogs to be in Heaven, they will be. Can’t argue with that!

    Give Bishop some love and thanks for sharing him.

    PS—my husband says my hobby is rescuing dogs who will shortly thereafter manifest extremely expensive health issues!



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