The Easter Egg Hunt

At least for this year, the Easter egg hunt and many other traditions families have will at least be limited, if not canceled all together. An Easter egg hunt is still possible, in an immediate family setting but it isn’t happening in a big picture sort of way.

When I was a kid, the Easter egg hunts were always more fun at my grandmother’s house. Why? It was more fun when there were more people. Sure, if you were by yourself you got all the eggs, but when all the cousins were there, let the games begin. It was so much fun to be the one who got the most eggs. Usually, the parents were willing to hide the eggs once, but when that was done we were on our own, running around the yard seeing how hard we could make the hiding places.

When a little cousin was around, we kept our eyes on the painfully obvious examples so the littlest could get eggs in their basket. The other thing I remember was, the eggs filled with candy almost never went out again. I would always be glad to share the hard-boiled eggs. I was never willingly going to share the eggs with candy in them. I am also amazed my mother let us continue to play with something we were going to eat. We ate them and we never got sick, at least my sister and I never got sick.

I never got to participate in a huge city hunt. I don’t know if they did those back the old days or not, I just don’t remember doing it back then. In a smaller town its just easier to get there but I also know cities like Houston have those egg hunts today.

2020 may go down in history as the year with no Easter egg hunts (along with a lot of other things). As I have given thought to the things we can and cannot do, the thought of a virtual Easter Egg hunt gained some appeal. First, everyone can gather all the eggs if they want. I am well aware that the idea is not original with me.

There are, I am sure, many more ways to do this than what I thought about. I would have to sit down and think about how but with a virtual egg hunt, you could send kids all over town without there being a need to leave the house. Using pictures taken all over your town. PowerPoint could be a vehicle to carry out your hung.

Another idea is to use the church web page as a place to hide virtual eggs. Participants would find the eggs hidden in various places on the page. It could increase the traffic on your church web page.

I feel certain that someone who has more up-to-date programming skills than I could find ways to do this that I have not even begun to think about. I am really just trying to start a conversation about how we can do something that is both traditional and different in the way we look at Easter. And, traditional doesn’t have to stop at eggs.

What do you say? What plans do you have to re-create the traditional or to do a new things. Share them with us.

Have a blessed evening.

Seeking the genuine.

Copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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