The Quarantine Blues

[Verse 1]

Friend, I’m tired and so lonesome
Sitting stuck, I’m stuck in my house
It’s just me, and the wife, and don’t forget my dog.
As for work, we’re staying’ home to be germ-free. Oh yeah


There’s too much quiet around my place, you see,
There is quiet around my place, don’t leave it be
I need to see people so let’s get o’er this bug,
Let me out, that’s what I need, to be free.

[Verse 2]

Lord, please don’t give us more Facebook
We have had, more than we need
Don’t need it just because there’s nothing on TV
And the walls, now they’re closing in on me. Oh yeah

[Verse 3]

I have a list here in my hand
To the store a mask on my face
I need a few things, some milk, bread, and eggs
But I need some toilet paper most of all. Oh yeah

[Verse 4]

No toilet paper is left in town
Lord, whatever will we do now
There’s none on the shelves and my wife’s angry with me,
Now it will be a Sears catalog, for me

[Verse 5]

Neighbor kids, they went and papered my house, for me
Cleaned it up, then I threw it all away
The wife, flew out the house, yelling at me,
We have none don’t you throw away.

[Verse 6]

The dog wants to go out and play
Even he hates this long quarantine
He wants out of the house to run all-day
What problem, we don’t need TP for me. Oh Yeah.

Tune = Peace in the Valley

copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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