Seeing Jesus Part 1

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me (John 14:6, English Standard Version)

I have always enjoyed pictures of Jesus. The picture above is a particular favorite. It is a favorite because I remember it hanging in our house when I was young. It was my first thought, my first idea of what Jesus might have looked like. I am pretty sure that when I was very young that I thought this picture was exactly what Jesus looked like.

Thou I seriously doubt this was the next picture of Jesus, I have little doubt that a picture similar to this would have been my next understanding of Jesus. While Santa Claus was a regular Christmas visitor in my childhood home, the importance of Jesus’ birth was also an important part of the season.

I remember the first time of hearing of Jesus at the temple I was puzzled about how they could have lost him. I couldn’t imagine a circumstance that my parents wouldn’t know where I was and really couldn’t imagine them leaving me behind.

I remember this picture from Sunday School as a boy. I am sure we didn’t study Jesus Baptism every year but it seems like we talked about it a great deal and this picture was a regular part of those discussions.

This picture and similar pictures were also present in Sunday School as we learned of Jesus carrying his cross.

Another picture from my memories as a child of Jesus carrying his cross.

This picture is part of my Easter memories for many years.

This picture is not a childhood memory. I am not sure exactly when I saw this picture. The pictures I remember from childhood were always from the outside and the stone was rolled away. Seeing the inside of the empty tomb today is much more memorable.

Another Resurrection picture I remember from childhood.

Peter stepping out of the boat. I distinctly remember asking my Sunday School teacher if Peter knew how to swim. I remember he said, “Probably not.” My thought was, ‘If he can’t swim, why would he get out of the boat in a storm.'”

The story of the Woman at the well has been a favorite of the Church for many years. She was an outcast among outcasts. After talking to Jesus she went and told her story, “Come meet the many who told me everything I ever did.

Another story I liked as a kid. I imagined myself as the boy with his lunch. Because of his generosity Jesus did something extraordinary. He fed all those people. Scripture says he fed 5000 plus women and children. 15000 people or even more could have bee fed that way.

I can remember these kinds of pictures even if I don’t remember this particular one. It wasn’t until I was in ministry that I realized the significance of this picture but even realized it was part of the story was even there. There were initially five loaves and two fish. After everyone was served and was full, there were more leftovers than there was food in the beginning.

Leonardo da Vinci could have used the help. From my teenage years I remember this picture. I always found it significant that in da Vinci’s mind, they didn’t use one long side of the table.

I included this picture because it is the first picture I remember seeing that showed me the idea that Jesus may not look like me, a white male. It also demonstrates to me that each of us may have our own image of Jesus in our minds.

Be Blessed

Seeking the Genuine,

Copyright 2020, J Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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