Worship at Perritte Memorial UMC – 7/26/2020 Video

The Declaration – How Do You Know

How Do You Know?

This sermon is part three of a five part sermon series on Jesus’ question, “Who Do You Say I Am? The title of the series is The Scripture reading for the entire series is Matthew 16:13-20. The sermon title is, “How Do You Know?”

In the first sermon we talked about who Jesus is and how we might identify, say who He is. The sermon title was “Who Am I?”

The second sermon was titled, “What’s in a Name?” Names are important as they convey power over what is named. God gave Adam the power over nature when God allowed Adam to name the various things of creation.

This sermon asks the question (and is the title), “How Do You Know? We know because God placed it in our hearts.

Next week, we will unpack Jesus’ statement, “…and on this rock I will build my Church…” The sermon title will be, “About Rocks.?

This series will conclude August 8th as we turn Jesus’ question upside down asking, “Who Do they Say You Are?”

Pastor: Keith Broyles
Worship Leader: Brandi Dalhoff
Liturgist: Karen Swenson
Accompanist: Jim Faucett
Audio & Recording: John Ball
Graphics: Cindy Broyles
Administrative Assistant: Dorothy Hahn

August 16 we begin a new three part sermon series, “The 3H Club.” Make plans to attend, in person or online. The dates for this series are August 16, 23, and 30.

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