who does god want to be President?

I haven’t read this book yet. The title seemed appropriate for our topic today.

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. (1 Timothy 2:1-2, English Standard Version).

OK, Five for Friday didn’t last. That’s on me. It was too much to do the way I wanted to do it. So, today is the first day of Friday Favorites. The graphic above is three things I enjoy on my day off (Friday) or really any other day for that matter. You know already that I love to play the guitar. I also like to take in a ballgame. That picture was taken in July 2019 at Dell Diamond in Round Rock Texas. The Round Rock Express (AAA team for the Astros, owned by Hall of Fame pitcher who played for the Astros and Rangers – OK the Mets and Angels too, Nolan Ryan). Unfortunately, the third picture, while I really enjoyed doing it, I don’t get to do it anymore. The picture was from the Coastaires, a barbershop chorus based in Bay City, Texas. When I moved to Lufkin it is too far to travel down for rehearsals. The only time I really got to sing on Friday was for the annual Christmas show and the summer show. The picture was from the 2018 summer show. I miss singing with those guys.

So, now that we have that out of the way, I enjoy watching political chatter. I find presidential election years especially interesting, though I do get tired of mud and hate that comes from both sides (which if any shows up in the comments I will delete).

This IS NOT a political post. Rather, it was kind of humorous to me. Things that make me laugh I always enjoy and this did. Please understand, I do have my political opinions. Because I have to be the pastor of people on both sides, who have some VERY strong opinions, I try very hard, with varying degrees of success, to keep my opinions to myself. I haven’t always been successful. I will likely be unsuccessful again, perhaps in this election.

That being said, this post isn’t intended to be political. Yesterday I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and I saw a post. I will tell you here, I did not like this post at all. It wasn’t because of who it was about but instead what it said. “It was God’s will for Donald Trump to win in 2016 and it is God’s will for him to win in 2020.”

I was reminded of a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago when I talked about people praying for a win from both sides of a high school football game (see “Whose Prayer Should God Answer,” from August 3, 2020). I thought the only thing I needed was someone telling me it is God’s will was for Joe Biden to win in 2020.

I think my index finger rolled across the mouse wheel twice, there it was. I started laughing. I thought it was really funny.

When I finished laughing, I also had another thought go through my mind. “How sad.” With all the the hateful rhetoric, I can’t help but ask a question. How can we even start to think God, who Scripture tells us is love, will anyone who is at the center of such hate to be the most powerful person in the world. Yes, all the vitriol bothers me deeply.

And friends, please don’t try to tell me that it only comes from the “other” side. I am pretty sure if you have that opinion I won’t change your mind. I assure you, you are not going to change mine. Some might argue my side isn’t as bad but that’s too easy. Any is wrong. It takes the focus off of why the two think they are the best choice to be president. It seems to me, that is exactly what they want to do. If they can keep from telling us much of anything they can’t be held accountable.

And folks, while I do have give them some blame but most of it belongs to you and I. If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t do it. Because we don’t walk away from what we hear, usually because we are listening to the mud from our favorite candidates because our favorite candidates speak the truth and it isn’t mud if it is the truth.

We could remind just about every political candidate out there of the importance of the acronym THINK before you speak.

Finally, there are good Christian people in both political parties. In our interactions with each other in the time between now and November 3rd, to remember, not only should we THINK, before we speak, we need to remember that what we say speaks to not only our personal integrity, unfair though it may be, it reflects on the Christian faith. We are the people who sing, “They will know we are Christians by Our Love.” What will the response be by those outside the faith when we speak with venom in our words for those in opposition to our candidate(s).

I long for a time when I can say “I voted for John Doe” and my friend says, “I guess we cancelled each other out. I voted for David Smith.” Then we could sit down and talk about it like reasonable adults without sharp things (either literal or vocal) coming out. I know that happens among some friends but things have gotten so difficult in the political arena, that I rarely even take the risk. I don’t want to feel attacked because my friend and I don’t agree despite both of us having thought out our positions.

Friends, if one of the times I have let my thoughts come out of my mouth and you felt attacked. Please accept my apologies. That is the biggest reason I try to keep my opinions to myself. Well, between me and Cindy.

Perhaps one day, we can all learn to speak with the love that God asks of each of us. While I am not sure who God really wants to be President, I do know that it would please God for us, even in our politics, to “love one another deeply, for love does conquer a multitude of sin.” (1 Peter 1:22, paraphrased)

Be blessed.

Seeking the Genuine,

Copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

I haven’t read this book yet. The title seemed appropriate for our topic today.

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