Look at that Little Girl!

Every grandparent I know is proud of their grand-kids. I am no different. The grands are all doing great. If you are in southern California you might want to watch carefully. Kaleb should be starting to drive this year. Noah and Jaxon are great too. We miss getting to see them. They are a long way away and it is unfortunate. I talked with a friend a few days ago who had moved for the specific reason of being closer to grand-kids. I teased a bit, but I do understand.

It does make us feel better when we know our grand-girls are a lot closer to home. The older two are in school but this post is really about the youngest of the grand-girls.

Many you will remember that Sydney was born in January. She was born on a Friday in late January and went home on Saturday. On Sunday my daughter-in-law knew something wasn’t right and took her to the pediatrician on Monday. Her blood sugar was so low it wouldn’t register. She began having seizures and they sent her to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas on a helicopter. She spent about six weeks in NICU at Children’s, getting to come home about the time her sisters were home for Spring- break.

When she got home she was greatly improved. They still had her on seizure medications and were still concerned that she had not gained enough weight. But, coming home has been really good for her.

She went to the pediatric gastroenterologist (sorry, don’t know how to spell it and spell-check isn’t helping) for a check-up this week. You can tell by looking at the picture above that we have a happy and healthy little girl. She hasn’t cleared every hurdle but she is doing really well. The doctor said she is only in the 18th percentile for weight. That is the bad news. The good news is, she is in the 97th percentile for height. This doctor has said as long as she continues to gain weight he doesn’t need to see her again!!!

She still has a few more bars to clear (about three) before they completely release her but she is well on her way. Our family couldn’t be more pleased.

We owe all that to God and to all our wonderful friends and family who have held Sydney in prayer for all these months. Some might argue that the doctors deserve a great deal of credit. But, I believe their skills are gifts from God. We are thankful to God and to each of you. I have prayed for many people in my life. But until you have been down the road with a loved one, you may not fully understand the impact prayer can have. I know I didn’t get it. I knew prayer worked. And, I knew God was with our Sydney but she was a very sick little girl. I was concerned but I also knew your prayers would matter. God used those prayers to keep me from excessive worry.

The prayers of our friends and family mattered. Never, ever doubt the power of prayer. And, when you pray for someone else, include prayers for the family. We felt them and knew you prayed for us too. Pray that the family might have the peace that passes understanding. It really did matter. Thank you.

We can never thank you enough for your dedication to prayer. Your dedication and faithfulness mattered. You mattered.

For those who take time to stop and pray,
Faithfulness mattered in those hard days.
You gave time for a girl you didn’t know,
Intercession a gift to help her grow.

You prayed because we asked your aid,
Your prayer wasn’t once or for a day
Your petitions for our girl never stopped
God’s people stayed focused, on the job.

Our words can’t convey our gratitude
We ask for you, God’s blessings renewed.
You gave of yourself, for her it mattered
Because you gave hear her laughter.

The ultimate thanks go to God above,
With the prayers you gave, God gave love.
I sometimes question why we should pray
Then I see the change prayer and God made.

So never let your prayer life slip
It is as vital as water we sip.
God asks us to pray, we may not know why
In answered prayer my hope is tied.

Thank you my friends who faithfully pray.
Thank you for praying in humble ways.
Thank you for your wonderful gifts.
Thank you and know, for you, our prayer lifts.

Be blessed.

Seeking the Genuine (and in my prayers I think I have found it),

Copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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