Don’t Get Tired of Being Kind

So we must not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up. (Galatians 6:9, Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Janet was going through a bitter divorce. She had always been a housewife and stay-at-home mom to her son Jimmy.

With her soon-to-be ex-husband, Bob, fighting her for every penny and she didn’t have a job so no income, it looked like tough days ahead.

As a result Janet was worried over just about anything it was possible to worry about. Bob hadn’t even given her any child support. It was one thing to try to mess with her but he was messing with Jimmy too. That was not acceptable.

Janet had plenty more to worry over. She had no income and Bob hadn’t been paying any of the bills and was trying to convince the judge that Janet deserved all the bills. To cap it off, the pantry was bare, and she had no money to buy any needed groceries for Jimmy and herself.

Two days later, when Janet went out to check the mail, she found a box of groceries outside the door. She went out the next morning for the mail again and again there was another box of groceries. It happened again the next day, and the next.

When Christmas time came she thought, “Oh, there won’t be any today.” Everyone would stay at home with their families. That understandable. On the porch there was another box, in fact there were two. One was full of a fully prepared Christmas dinner with a ham and all the trimmings. The second box was all Christmas gifts for Jimmy, except one gift for her, it was a nice pen and pencil set with some beautiful stationary and envelopes. She sat in her living room in tears and was so thankful for someone’s generosity.

After the first of the year things started to get a little better. Bob started paying his child support and she was able to work one or two days a week as a substitute teacher. And the boxes still kept coming. Every day, like clockwork the boxes showed up.

School ended but a few days later the principal of the school where she had worked as a substitute called and offered her a job as a full-time teacher. That was the good news. The bad news was, Janet would still be without a paycheck until September. And the boxes kept coming.

School started but it would still be about a month before she got paid. And the boxes kept coming.

Finally she got her first check. There was a box that day but the next day, the boxes stopped. Janet didn’t see one again.

A few days later, Janet went into the teacher’s lounge for lunch. Donna was in there. She met Donna when she first started as a substitute and they had become friends but they hadn’t talked in a few days. “Janet, did you see that sign up in Troy and Eileen’s yard announcing their baby last week?”

Janet said she did but then got to thinking, why would Donna have been over on her street? She lived at least five miles in the other direction. “Donna why were you on my street?”

“I was over there dropping off a box of gro….” Donna realized she had just blown it. “My Sunday school class and a few others from our church heard about your situation. We worked out a rotation to bring boxes of food to you everyday. We had agreed to say nothing. We weren’t looking for the glory, we wanted to help, but didn’t want you to know where the help came from. We still believe it came from God. After all, God gives us all we have so God gave this to you.”

“I am so grateful. I need to thank everyone. We would not have made it through those months without those boxes of food,” said Janet.

“Please Janet, ” said Donna. “You can’t say anything. I wasn’t supposed to say anything. Please keep it to yourself.”

“Ok, Ok. Just know how thankful I am Jimmy and I are to you. Maybe we will see you in church this week.”

Paul reminds us in Galatians to not get tired of doing good. I would paraphrase that by saying don’t get tired of being kind. Going so many months of bringing groceries every day to Janet and her son Jimmy was an incredibly kind and generous thing to do. Beyond finances, imagine the coordination it would take and the number of people that needed to be involved. It was truly a spectacular gift as well as very much needed.

As the months drug by, it would have been easy for that Sunday school class to grow tired of supplying food. Some said to shut it down October 1. Others said it should have been after Thanksgiving or Christmas. A few said after the first of the year. A few said they had to keep going.

So do we. Never grow tired of doing good. Never grow tired of being kind.

Be blessed.

Seeking the Genuine,

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