Your Stuff

Of all the things we can find today
The things we think we need
To seek and gain the toys of life
At the best possible speed.

Give me fast, give me slick
My car makes me look good.
500 horses with speeds of 180
Now I’ll be understood.

Driving my car pleases me so,
The speed gives me a rush.
What just flew by and showed me slow,
A faster car or I’ll have to hush.

A faster car to keep me ahead
Will make me happy again
Yes, I only had the first one a month
But it’s ugly, slow, and offends.

This is it, a hundred more horsepower
It has a top speed of 202,
I head for home, I’m passed again
This just simply will not do.

Back at the dealer, the next day bright
I need more speed salesman Dave
This one’s electric and goes even faster
What a deal, I saved!

So goes a tale of a happiness scale
That sees things shining bright
When once the bright begins to grow dull
Our eyes lose their light.

Happiness won’t come from what we possess
Stuff will never allow it to start
Whatever we have, we’ll want even more
Real joy is a matter of heart.

Jesus once met a wealthy young man
Who wanted eternal life.
Go on your way and obey the law
I did but my soul is in strife.

There is one more thing for you to do
It is hard but try if you can.
Sell all your stuff and give to the poor,
Come join this little band.

He dropped his head and he walked away
His stuff had control of him.
Rich though he was, his things were his life
Now his chances for joy were slim.

We can have little or we can have much,
Our needs still remain the same
It cannot be found in the things we own
We find joy in Christ’s Holy name.

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