The Beauty of God’s Work

From the rising of the sun to where it sets,
    God, the Lord God, speaks,
        calling out to the earth.
From Zion, perfect in beauty,
    God shines brightly. (Psalm 50:1-2, Common English Bible)

I can’t speak for everyone and I know without a second thought that it isn’t true for everyone but I can say for me, I am so tired of the way we are treating each other. I know a big part of that is election rhetoric. If it would go away after November 3rd, I might not care so much. But the truth is, I know that come November 4th, it may slow down a little but there will still be a whole lot of “It’s all their fault.” There is more than enough blame to go around for everyone. No one is as perfect as most supporters make their candidate sound.

So, I have decided that I want to talk about things that are beautiful, things that are interesting. I want to talk about places I have been and things I’ve seen, things I wish everyone could see. It is the beauty of God’s handiwork. I do plan on doing some other things along the way but for the next couple of weeks, I think we could all use a glimpse of who is really in charge and a news flash for all of us, it is not President Trump or former Vice President Biden.

Perhaps it is just the memories of a kid for a place he never heard of or seen before 1969. I have never been a world traveler. Prior to the Navy I had been to Mexico once and Canada twice. That was the extent of my world travel.

That being said, we did have what was called “The Trip” in my family. We left Houston and made our way to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico and across Texas, back home. There will be other places from The Trip that are on my list, but number one from the trip and my favorite place was Crater Lake in Oregon. Crater Lake is an extinct volcano (something I have been told in recent years is not a real possibility) with an island in it that is another extinct volcano.

I found it interesting that the water inside the larger volcano is like glass. That might not be the case all the time, but it was the day we were there.

When we got ready to leave the lake it was getting dark. We were pulling a camper and we found a place to camp that night and set up camp. It was just about dark and my dad and I walked somewhere. I was a bit ahead of him. He picked up a rock that was bigger than would fit in the palm of his hand. He said, “Hey Keith, think fast.” He tossed the rock.

I was expecting a regular rock. It wasn’t. It was pumice. I would imagine that me trying to catch that rock, expecting something significantly heavier was probably pretty funny.

Perception of what we think is coming can be funny. It can also be scary and even dangerous. There is a lot to be afraid of, but let me remind you of one thing. God didn’t make all the rocks heavy and if we ask, God might point us toward the ones we should avoid.

God’s still in charge. Be blessed.

Seeking the Genuine,

Copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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