Time in God

Just in time for Sing Along Saturday, a new song for you. I have been thinking a lot about how we try to make ourselves happy with all our stuff. I like my stuff as well as anyone. I definitely do not live a minimalist lifestyle. I know I should be closer to it than I am. It is where I am at the moment. I have actually thinned down my guitar herd recently but that was more about getting rid of some I rarely played because I could use that money to buy a couple I would prefer to have.

I know I have shared this story before but it highlights what I am talking about.

A few years back, I bought a new guitar. I got home that day, I played the guitar about 20 minutes and because it wasn’t set-up yet, it was really hard on my fingers. So, I put it away and got out my computer and I started looking at what guitar I wanted to get next.

As it turns out, that guitar is one of the ones I am selling because I never play it. I figured out later that I like thinner bodied guitars better because my surgically repaired shoulders don’t hurt as bad when I am playing.

Anyway, that afternoon, after I got home with the new guitar and got through playing for the day, I put it up and got on my computer and started looking for my next guitar. The new wasn’t even worn off yet and I am already looking for another.

After realizing that, it was a little while before I bought another.

I have a friend who reached the same conclusion. He just didn’t do it with guitars. His was with deer rifles.

So, I think God is working on me and it is meaning something.

Here is the typed version of the summer. The video will be available as soon as I get it close, be ready to bring it forward. I think you will find it helpful.

Time in God

I thought life’s big things bring us joy                        
Only learning it’s life’s worst ploy.
Friends know, this plan will fail
You look for a holy grail.
Great eagles soar the skies above,                                  
Peaceful doves shining signs of love                                          
From deepest seas whales swim and feed                        
Some of the gifts God knows we need.                            

Joy will never be in our things
To drive our senses down leaves a sting
The push for stuff makes us want more.
What we think we want can shake our core.

Is it small things we really want?
No joy here, just my fears and taunts.
I want more than my share
There are needs here, help me care
The big things are what we want most.
Or the small things so we won’t boast.     
God knows our hearts in every way.
Hearts won’t change so let’s stop and pray.

Joy will never be in our things
To drive our senses down leaves a stin
The push for stuff makes us want more.
What we think we want can shake our core.

Friend where does your passion lie
Wanting more can make souls cry
We plot and scheme, so we get more
All our stuff is what we adore.
It’s time to know what drives your soul
That is the thing that makes you whole.
We have more than we will give
Our greatest need, a life to live.

Joy will never be in our things
To drive our senses down leaves a sting
Less stuff won’t make us want more.
Hold to God, take time in Him adore

Be Blessed,

Seeking the Genuine,

Copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

Pondering with DrB
October 31, 2020
Hold on to Him
Saturday Sing Along
Perritte Memorial United Methodist Church
Spirit’s Breath Ministries

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