We Ask and Pray

Normally, I make my weekly, “Mid-Week Prayer for Teachers,” a post for Wednesday. That being said, tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and we will have a special guest post from Col. Michael R. Seale, USAF, Ret. that is specifically for Veteran’s Day. I know I have doubled up and essentially done two posts in one day. But, I don’t want to take away from teachers, talking about veterans and I don’t want to take away veterans talking about teachers. Both are important and we can easily solve the problem by changing teachers prayers by one day.

Thank you God for the teacher’s call
And for their students, one and all.
We thank you for the work they do
Thank you for lessons old and new.

Thank you for those who pave the way
Who open student hearts every day.
Loving kids who make the job fun,
Changing lives that think hope is done.

Thank you for teaching kids to read,
And to write, a skill they will need.
Teaching them math, to count and add
Seeing kids learn makes the heart glad.

Teach them history and let them see
The ultimate cost of liberty.
Show them how our government works
Democracy with its quirks and perks.

Let them see science solves human need
and to know there’s a world to feed.
Physics to atoms and great earthquakes
To miss the stars would be a mistake.

Music and art make our lives whole,
Challenge and sport help meet that goal.
To see kids learn ways to succeed
Will change their lives, their work and deed.

Lord thank you for those you call to teach
Give strength to bless those hard to reach
For those who change the lives of children,
We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2020, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved

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