Work Anointed by God

Midweek Prayer for Teachers

Dear God,

We praise you for your love you show us each day. We are reminded that faith in you is faith well founded. We know we can speak and are confident you will hear. We know we can place our trust in you and be confident that before we pray a single word, that you know the needs for which we pray. We pray, confident that our prayers fall on loving ears and that we do not pray in vain.  We pray knowing you are fully trustworthy. Father, please give our teachers the ability to trust you in every situation in which they find themselves. Guide them in their work from the smallest things, and in big things, especially when things seem uncertain, and out of their control. In moments when they believe there doesn’t seem to be enough them, to do all the things needing to be done,  we pray for you anoint their time, multiply their hours and give them success, even when all seems overwhelming. We know that you do more in a single day than we can do in a lifetime of work on our own. Bless their work Lord, that each student might grow through their work anointed by you and demonstrating the love you have for all the world.

In Jesus’ Name,

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