Blessed… Standing Silent

11 Jesus was brought before the governor. The governor said, “Are you the king of the Jews?”

Jesus replied, “That’s what you say.” 12 But he didn’t answer when the chief priests and elders accused him.

13 Then Pilate said, “Don’t you hear the testimony they bring against you?” 14 But he didn’t answer, not even a single word. So the governor was greatly amazed (Matthew 27:11-14, Common English Bible).

Earlier this week, someone thought it necessary to remind me I “have the gift of gab.” The person wasn’t saying it in a way that told anyone around that I was annoying (though some wouldn’t testify to that).

I didn’t get mad. Hey, what can I say, it is true! I love to talk. I am almost always happy to sit down and talk with someone about what is going on in their life and about how God may be moving in the things they say and do.

Though I still talk too much for my own good. I love to give my opinion (solicited). It really makes you feel good about yourself.

There are, without question, times I really need to sit down, shut up and listen. I was taught the fine art of silence when my parents brought it home and made sure my sister and I learned.

Being the quintessential extrovert, I didn’t really understand silence and definitely didn’t want to live it out. I used to argue that if God could do anything, God could ensure I did hear, regardless of how loud the environment must be.

Though I understand or appreciate silence, that did not mean I was incapable. Once I finished my initial request. I went through a three-year training program to become a spiritual director with the Charis training program. Silence is a big part of that training. While going through the program I really did learn to appreciate silence. I have come to know that while God has the power to be heard over infinite noise if real. But, we also need to remember, God wasn’t in the storm or other “noisy” events. God could be found in the still small voice.

Our lesson today finds Jesus before Pontius Pilate. Jesus makes one short statement we read at the beginning of this study. Then he shuts down. He says nothing. I am reminded that there are times in life when we are better off just saying nothing at all. The members of the council were going to do whatever it takes to get Pilate to authorize Jesus’ execution. What would be the point in saying anything when the worst possible outcome might hang in the balance. It hung in the balance anyway.

Too much of the time we try to do things our way and fail. Jesus calls each of us to spend some quiet time with him. Perhaps, though for other reasons, we should use and follow Jesus’ example.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Joy and Thankfulness,

Copyright 2017, J. Keith Broyles, All Rights Reserved